Healthy turf should be able to eradicate most weed infestations. Regular moving will remove most weed heads before they can set seed. This generally alleviates the need for chemical application in a lot of cases and can dramatically reduce the appearance of weeds. The right height for your grass helps to shade weeds out of existence.

By mowing both often and regular you remove the seed heads of weeds making it harder for them to seed their next crop. Dry, wet or compact soils all promote weed growth because your grass usually struggles under these conditions. The weaker your grass condition is then the more chance weeds have of surviving multiplying. Practicing good lawn maintenance procedure is the best policy you can adopt to assist in the eradication of weeds and ensure you maintain good condition for your turf to survive.

There are three types of weeds; broad leafed weeds, narrow leafed weeds and grass weeds.

Broad Leaf weeds

Burrs, pig weeds and sensitive weeds. Generally anything that is not a grass weed (a grass having a leaf that is basically the same width at the bottom and the top) is a broad-leafed weed.

Grass weeds

 Grass weeds are a bit harder to control but are generally not so unsightly in your lawn.

The decision must be made whether to bother to get rid of them as in grass like broad leafed carpet grass they do not stand out.

Some grasses weeds are only annuals i.e. will grow, put out a seed head, then die. These may be the prevalent grass weed in some lawns that have suffered badly from the drought.


These form from the stem at the base of the leaves tiny flowers which are produced in spring which then turn into burrs of sharp spines.

This is best sprayed with Roundup or Zero. (Please be careful and follow instructions very carefully).


A weed that spreads by a tough wirey root system with small nutlike tubers that form on the roots.

It is a perennial weed with grass like leaves in the shape of triangular flowers stems which bear flowers and seeds in umbrella like heads with a reddish-purple or brown appearance. Nut grass is extremely difficult to kill, and the best way to rid this nasty weed is by digging out the whole plat ensuring you remove all the toots and bulbs (any root or bulbs left will reproduce.)

Registered products include Sempra and Sedgehammer will kill it. Again, please read and follow the instructions as directed. Wetting agent is essential for the sempra to be effective. Do not mow for 3 – 4 days before and after using Sempra as the instructions are written.

Weed Control Treatment

Each lawn variety and weed have specific treatment and it is best to seek advice before you apply any treatment before. Please ring one of our consultants and we can best point you to the best available advice for your specific lawn

The most efficient and most environmentally friendly, is to pull the weeds out.

Generally, it is best to spray in the morning after the dew has gone and do not spray if rain is expected within 4 hours.

You can spot spray the weed or spray the whole areas.

Remember most of your gardens plants are broad leafed plants so avoid spray drift. Usually you will see weeds start to brown off in a week.

Generally, do not mow for a week after spraying.

Remember to Read and follow the instructions

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