Pro Turf NPK Turf Fertiliser


ICL ProTurf NPK Turf Fertiliser

ProTurf is a slow-release mini-fertiliser, rich in polyhalite. A unique natural source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and sulphur for healthy and resistant turf. A proportion of the nitrogen is coated using Poly-S® technology.

ProTurf is renowned for delivering a healthy and consistently growing turf for up to 2 months.
Its innovative combination of compound fertilizers and controlled release technology makes it unique in the field. Additionally, each product contains extra Magnesium and Calcium to not only keep your turf looking greener, but also stronger. ProTurf products get a quick and positive reaction from your turf!

The result can soon be seen even when the ground temperature is low. Thanks to the fine dust-free granules and its mode of release independent of climatic factors, ProTurf improves the quality of your turf. ProTurf is especially recommended for fertilisation in periods of high stress (summer and winter).

  • Rapid regreening, managed turf growth
  • Mini-granules with gradual nitrogen release thanks to Poly-S coating
  • Fine and homogenously coated granules: seven times greater impact per m²
  • Better distribution when applied by spreading
  • Flexibility of dose without a ‘leopard skin’ effect
  • Highly soluble: does not interfere with play
  • Fluid, easy to spread: clean, odourless, and dust-free
  • Contains magnesium: sustained colour and reduced stress.
Pro Turf 2
Pro Turf 2 15-5-15+5Ca0+2Mg0