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When it comes to lawn care, there are a lot of tools available to help you obtain the perfect looking lawn however, they can be quite costly to own and maintain – So why not hire!?

Renting lawn care equipment not only saves you room in your garden shed and saves you cash but our lawn care professionals can assist with advice on your lawn renovations and installation.

Turfworks Group offer day hire of our equipment and require a 10% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking to secure your hire date. Note that the equipment collection/drop-off point is located at 20 Hebblewhite Road, Nikenbah, Hervey Bay.

Billy Goat Aerator


NB: Requires trailer with ramps for transportation (machines weighs 110kg)


Aeration is a fundamental lawncare task to keep it looking its best. By using the Billy Goat Aerator it will open up your soil to air, water and nutrients. Aerating allows air to penetrate (oxygenate) the soil and allows better movement of water and for the lawns roots to stretch out and become more dense. Aeration has also been shown to reduce water runoff and increase lawn tolerance to heat and drought.


Day Hire weekday $130
Day Hire weekend $260

Ryan Ren-O-Thin Power Rake


The Ryan Ren-O-Thin power rake is a commercial grade dethatcher that will remove thatch both above and below the soil. This machine is customisable, allowing you to choose your depth (from 1″ above or 7⁄8″ below ground). The Ryan detatcher is fitted with tungsten tipped scarifying blades.


Day Hire weekday $120
Day Hire weekend $240

250 Top Dress Spreader


The Eco 250 Top Dress Spreader has great versatility! As well as being able to handle your average house block it can take on the big jobs too.


Day Hire weekday $450
Day Hire weekend $520

Water Filled Roller


A light-weight (when unfilled) manually operated turf roller is available for hire from Turfworks Group. Simple and easy to use. Ideal for rolling newly laid turf to assist evening out bumps and leveling ground, firming down the turf, squeezing out air pockets and helping bind the turfgrass roots to the soil.

Complimentary Hire when you purchase 50mtr+ of Turf

Hire All 3


Day Hire weekday $510
Day Hire weekend $1020


Hire the Billy Goat Aerator, Ryan Ren-O-Thin Power Rake and our Top Dress Spreader for combined prices above.

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