Turf Varieties

Choosing the Right Turf?

Choosing the right lawn type involves the consideration of not only your garden’s conditions, but your own tendencies as a gardener. Choosing the right lawn for your situation depends on how much shade, how much wear, how much maintenance you want to put in, aesthetics, how much water you have, climate, and costs. Turfgrasses vary widely in how they adapt to different situations and they each have their individual strengths and weaknesses. There is no one perfect turfgrass, and no one grass that is best in all situations.

Here in the wide bay region we are called Sub Tropical and all the turf that we grow are suited for these types of conditions. It is a matter of choosing the best lawn for your situation and then managing it to achieve a practical, sustainable, and an aesthetic lawn. We grow and harvest on our farm all varieties of lawn from Buffalo, Zoysia, Bermuda and Couch. Choosing one should be done with a little homework and working out the pros and cons specific for each grass for your yard.

These are the questions you must ask yourself when selecting a new lawn:

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    How much foot traffic does your lawn get?

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    Do you have pets?

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    Is the site shaded, or in full sun?

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    What type of soil do you have? Is it salty or clay based?

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    What is the Water availability / Drought tolerance?

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    Pest & Disease tolerance

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    Weed invasiveness

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    Maintenance / Frequency of mowing

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    The Look/ Aesethics/ Colour/Texture

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    Wear / High wear (Children)

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    Surrounding plants/ gardens/ fences

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Turf Varieties:

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Sir Walter




Wintergreen Couch


Empire Zoysia

the E.Z. Grass

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